About Me

I have always been average, but after meeting my lovely wife I became even less active. It is a typical TV time is family time kind of scenario.

In the past year I have noticed a decline in my spirituality and a craving to be more fulfilled. In the past years it was on a steady decline, so I set myself an ultimatum: “Get your act together!”. This is a big thing as everyone has beliefs, albeit in nothing. But a general belief is nothing, you need to be active in it – meaning that saying something and doing something else (or nothing) is bad for you.

So I started getting my self together… until I hit a very rough patch. Trust me, there is nothing like the reality that you are a day away from loosing everything. And I mean you are loosing your house, your car and pretty much everything. The threat of not being able to support your wife or to buy food is a wake-up call.


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