Silver Oaks 6.5km

Silver Oaks Center, 6.5km
9 June 2012 (Race 5)

It was the coldest morning yet! We again found ourselves there early, waiting for our regular group, freezing to death!

The race itself was very well organized, not Unisa standard but great comparing to some of the fiascos we had seen thus far.

We found ourselves at the finish line, waiting for the starters gun to sound, I remember chatting about this and that, thinking that the race was going to be a killer. Luckily we had a plan, walk the initial up-hill portion to warm up, then up the pace to make up ground and once we are nice and loose we can do the jog/fast walk thing for the rest of the race to set a good pace.

It did not turn out quite like that, the girls decided to push a bit faster than I was ready to go in the cold weather (3.5′ C) but I did try to keep their pace to my detriment. I got really sore and decided to fall back and let them go as to get some rest at a normal pace. It worked a bit and soon I caught up. This happened multiple times, frustrating (and I am sorry to say) the living daylights out of me.

Two thirds through the race I only felt better and ready to enjoy myself, felt like a bit of a waste as I wasted so much time to keep up and just frustrated myself by doing so instead of letting them go initially and being able to do the run once my muscles was ready – avoiding the pain and nastiness I caused! Live and learn they say.

The final stretch as from 1.3KM from the finish everything felt better and I saw an older gent that challanged me previously puffing next to me – so I lifted my head and stepped up the pace, running my fastest 1 Km on Nike+ which was a bonus! The final distance was a bit of a let down again at only 5.68Km, however the final experience was that of a 6.5 Km – so no complaints.

I finished the 5,68km in 52min and 32sec!

Me as per usual being stupid after the race.

Our group after the race.

So proud, my fifth medal!


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  1. I am also very proud!

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