UNISA, 5.5km 2 June 2012 (Race 4)

Awesome cold morning, with a beautiful view up at the UNISA campus. The usual group of friends did not join, so I was going to run with only my wife. The hills was going to be a major struggle as the area is renowned for it, however it turns I was not that bad. We arrived to one of the absolute best organised races I have been to – ever!

Well done to the organisation team – we had a blast and appreciated all the effort you guys went through!

Back to the race – I have to emphatically say that the hills are a killer, just to ensure the point is made. However there is always something to moan and groan about, so I am not going to do so – as it was actually quite fun! What I am going to share was the bit of disappointment as we approached the finish.. we got diverted off to the right and had to do a second section just as I thought the end was near!

That being said, once I saw we had circled back and was approaching that same spot, I started gunning it! Great finish overall, not the fastest because of the hills – but damn awesome! I finished the 5,48km in 56min!

Thank you my lovely wife for making it even more fun!

Everyone getting ready for the race moving closer to the starting line.

Me just finished – Check out the tired guy behind be…

So proud, my fourth medal!


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