Morleta 6km

Morleta Plaza, 6km 26 May 2012 (Race 3) It was a very cold morning at the starting location and as usual we found ourselves there early, waiting for our regular group.

The race itself was on a scenic route, however we did not realize it was going to be uphill (literally) for 70% of the race. Uphill is a killer, but somehow enjoyable still. After the Mazda race that sucked so badly, we pushed a whole 6,59 km (not as advertised, only this time longer) uphill in this case. The start was tough being mostly uphill, however from somewhere unknown we mustered the strength and actually jogged the last 1.5km. Awesomeness. It seems the exercise does help to get you going further faster! I finished the 6,59km in 1h04min!

Our group before the race.

Our group after the race.

So proud, my third medal!


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