Mazda 5km

Mazda Charity Race, 5km
19 May 2012 (Race 2)

What would have been a very early morning run with a 5km path turned out to be a blistering cold race day with a route laid out in the most abstract of patterns in the end having baffled even the marshals along the length of the course.

It was really the craziest course ever, with a turnaround halfway through, ironically with all runners having to run around the one poor marshal in the boondocks at the half way point.

The turnaround I felt is is one of the most spirit breaking things ever as you know you have to run back along the same path!

Luckily (or so we thought) we got to go straight around the block on our way back and link up on the straight we started on. The road was hard and it seemed so long at that stage!

As we suddenly drew up on the finish line it clicked – baffling all of us – we felt it should have been longer!

Passing the finish line the resister keeping marshal noted everyone complained, I had a look at my Nike Plus route and low and behold, only 3.5km.

I felt cheated! One of our regular group members, Christo the lone wolf, noted he had to do a second lap of the block.
Ending up in him loosing out to a silver because most runners only did the one lap!

Worst race to date, but I have heard of worse! It was good practice though, with great time and overall pace doing the 3.5km in about 35min!

Me at the finish line.

So proud, my second medal!


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